How to Insert Paper in HP Printer | Step By Step Guide

Knowing how to insert paper in HP printer is essential for smooth and effortless printing. Many users often struggle with this task, and it can be a frustrating issue. In this guide, we will provide you with a step-by-step process on how to insert paper in your HP printer easily, without any hassles.

Step To Insert Paper in HP Printer

Following are the Steps to follow when inserting the paper in the HP printer.

Identify the model of your HP printer

Before setting up your printer, you need to know the model of your HP printer. The printer model will be mentioned on the printer’s body or packaging box. If you are confused about the printer’s model, you can check the user manual that came with the printer. Make sure you know your model before setting up your printer with the right paper settings.

Make sure there is enough paper present in the input tray

The second step to setting up your HP printer with the correct paper settings is to ensure that there is enough paper in the input tray. Make sure you are using the correct paper size and type that is compatible with your printer. You can check your printer’s user manual to know which paper sizes are compatible with your printer.

Carefully align the paper stack in the tray according to the arrows present on its sides

The third step is to align the paper in the tray correctly. Your printer’s input tray will have arrows on its side indicating how to align the paper stack. Align your paper stack with the arrows to avoid creased or wrinkled paper when printing. Make sure there is no folded edge or torn paper present in the stack.

Ensure that the paper is not creased or wrinkled in any way

Before printing, make sure that your papers are not creased or wrinkled. Creased paper can cause paper jams, and wrinkled paper can cause poor print quality. If you find any creased or wrinkled paper, remove it and replace it with a new one.

Push down and forward on the input tray while pressing lightly back on it, this will secure it firmly into place

Once your papers are neatly arranged, you need to secure the input tray firmly. To do so, push the tray down and forward while pressing it lightly back into the printer. Make sure the tray is locked securely to the printer.

Go to “Settings” on your printer’s control panel and select “Print Settings” or “Paper Type”

Next, go to your printer’s Settings option on the control panel. Depending on your printer model, select either Print Settings or Paper Type.

Select the size of paper you are using to ensure correct printing settings

Once you are in the Printer Settings or Paper Type option, select the paper size you are using. Choosing the wrong paper size can cause paper jams, hindering your printing experience.

Press “OK” & your printer is ready to print with the correct settings for the paper type inserted!

Last but not least, click on the “OK” button to save your settings. Congratulations! Your printer is now set up correctly with the right paper settings for the paper type and size inserted.


Learning how to insert paper in HP printer is a straightforward process and is an essential task for any printer user. Following the steps mentioned above will help you to insert the paper into your printer correctly and with ease. Remember that correct paper loading is essential to maintain the efficiency of your printer, so always ensure you align the paper guides precisely. By doing this each time, you can avoid paper jams and printer errors, keeping your printer in good working condition for a longer time. We hope that this guide has made it easier for you to load paper into your HP printer with confidence.

FAQs Related To How To Insert Paper In HP Printer

Here are some FAQs related to how to insert paper in hp printer

What type of paper is compatible with HP printers?

HP printers are compatible with various paper types, including plain paper, photo paper, card stock, and labels. Make sure to check the printer’s manual before loading paper to avoid jamming or damage.

How many sheets of paper can a printer hold?

The amount of paper a printer can hold varies depending on the model. The standard capacity is around 100 sheets, but some high-end printers can hold up to 500 sheets at a time.

How do I load paper into an HP printer’s tray?

Here are the steps to follow to load paper into an HP printer’s tray:

  • Open the paper tray.
  •   Adjust the paper guides according to the paper size you’re using.
  •   Load the paper with the print side facing down.
  •   Push the paper tray back into the printer until it clicks.

What do I do if the printer doesn’t recognize the paper I loaded?

Sometimes, the printer might not recognize the paper size you loaded, which can result in an error. In such cases, you can adjust the paper guides and make sure the paper is loaded correctly. If the problem persists, check your printer’s manual, or contact HP customer support.

 Why is my HP printer jamming when I load paper?

Jamming can be caused by several factors, such as overloading the tray, incorrect paper size, using damaged or wrinkled paper, or dirty printer rollers. Check your printer’s manual for advice on how to resolve the issue, or contact HP customer support if you can’t fix it.

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