How to Downgrade Firmware on HP Printer | Step Wise Guide

Are you having trouble with your HP Printer after updating the firmware? Many HP printer owners have sometimes noticed unexpected issues they didn’t have before upgrading their system firmware. The latest firmware versions will add features, improve performance, and enhance security, but it is possible to experience compatibility issues with existing cartridges or software.

Luckily, downgrading the firmware version is possible, and is not that complicated. This blog post will guide you through the steps on how to downgrade firmware on HP printers easily.

Steps To Downgrade Firmware on HP Printer

Some steps are here that are followed when downgrading firmware on HP printer.

Step One: Check the Compatibility of Firmware Versions

Before proceeding with the firmware downgrade process, check the compatibility of the existing cartridge and the earlier version of the firmware. If the printer is not compatible with the earlier firmware version, the downgrade process may lead to more issues rather than fixing the problem. Check for the exact firmware version the printer was using before the update, then download it from the manufacturer’s website.

Step Two: Disable All Automatic Firmware Updates

Once you have downloaded the earlier firmware version, disable all automatic firmware updates, which will prevent the printer from updating back to the problematic firmware. To disable automatic firmware updates, go to the printer settings, click on the “Printer Maintenance” tab, select “Update the Firmware,” and then “Do not check for updates” or “Never auto-update firmware.”

Step Three: Connect the Printer to Your Computer

Connect your HP printer to the computer, and then open the firmware downgrade tool that you installed earlier. Open the “Printer and Device” options on your computer, and then select the printer’s name and model number. Check for the printer’s current firmware version and note it down. Next, install the downloaded firmware version on your computer.

Step Four: Begin the Firmware Downgrade Process

Once the installation is complete, begin the firmware downgrade process. Start the firmware downgrade tool and follow the instructions shown. The tool should recognize your printer model and prompt for confirmation to lower the firmware version to the previous version. Select “Yes” or “OK” to proceed with the process. The downgrade process may take a few minutes, and then the printer will automatically restart when complete.

Step Five: Restart the Printer

After the downgrade process is complete and the printer automatically resets, disconnect the printer from the computer. Shut down your printer by pressing the power button and unplug it. Wait for a few minutes, then plug it back in and restart.


In conclusion, this article has outlined the steps you need to take to downgrade firmware on HP printers. If you have encountered any compatibility issues or difficulties after upgrading the firmware of your HP printer, you don’t have to panic.

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Downgrading the firmware version is still possible. Keep in mind that to avoid further issues, it is crucial to check for compatibility issues before proceeding with the process. Once you have successfully downgraded the firmware version, your printer should return to its former condition.

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FAQs Related To How to Downgrade Firmware on HP Printer

Here are some FAQs related to how to downgrade firmware on HP printer. 

What is printer firmware?

Printer firmware is software that controls the functionality of the printer. It communicates with the hardware and software on your computer or mobile device to execute printing tasks. Firmware updates can add new features, patch security vulnerabilities, and improve performance.

Can I Downgrade the Firmware on my HP Printer?

Yes, you can. However, HP discourages users from downgrading firmware as it may cause compatibility issues and may even damage the printer. It is best to check for compatibility before downgrading the firmware.

How Do I Check Compatibility Before Downgrading Firmware?

HP offers a firmware downgrade utility that allows users to verify if the firmware can be downgraded on their printer model. You can download and run this utility from the HP Support website. Enter your printer model number and follow the prompts to check for compatibility.

What Do I Need to Downgrade the Firmware on My HP Printer?

To downgrade the firmware on your HP printer, you will need the following:

  • A USB cable
  • A computer with the HP firmware downgrade utility installed
  • The previous firmware version for your printer (which can be available on the HP website)

How Do I Downgrade the Firmware on my HP Printer?

To downgrade the firmware on your HP printer, follow these steps:

  • Turn off your printer and disconnect all cables
  • Connect the printer to the computer via a USB cable
  • Run the HP firmware downgrade utility and follow the prompts
  • Once the utility verifies compatibility, it will prompt you to select the previous firmware file you have downloaded.
  • Select the firmware file and proceed with the downgrade process.
  • Once the firmware is successfully downgraded, disconnect the printer from the computer and turn it on.

What do I do if the printer cable is too short?

If your printer cable is too short, it may not be practical to move the device closer to the printer. In this case, you can use an extension cable or a USB hub to get a longer cable. However, ensure that the extension cable is of high quality to avoid any connection issues.

What If I Face Issues with the Downgraded Firmware?

If you face any issues with the downgraded firmware, you can contact HP Support for assistance. However, note that HP may not provide support for downgraded firmware.

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