How to convert Hp printer to sublimation printer | Explained

Are you a crafter in search of the perfect sublimation printer? While Epson is a well-known choice, did you know that HP also manufactures printers that could fit your needs? We know, you might be wondering: can I convert an HP printer into a sublimation printer? And if so, how? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We’ll not only show you how to turn your HP printer into a sublimation machine but we’ll also let you know which HP printers can be used for sublimation right out of the box.

Convert HP Printer To Sublimation Printer

It’s a common question – can you turn an convert Hp printer to sublimation printer? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Here’s why: HP printers use thermal inkjet printhead technology, which isn’t compatible with sublimation. You need micro piezo printheads for sublimation, which are a whole different ball game. And even if you could switch out the printheads, sublimation ink is completely different from regular ink and isn’t made by HP. So as much as we wish it were possible, you’re better off just buying a dedicated sublimation printer.

How Convert HP Printer To Sublimation Printer

While third-party ink suppliers don’t offer sublimation ink for HP printers, many of us still wonder if we can use it with these printers. Unfortunately, the answer is a big NO! You can’t use sublimation ink with HP printers because the ink is simply incompatible, and using it could result in a costly mess. And let’s be honest, none of us want that.

Keep brilliant colors flowing by using refillable ink cartridges and tanks that sublimation ink demands. With HP printers, you won’t have to worry about either, but we’ve got you covered with the best options around.

Can You Use An HP Printer For Sublimation?

HP has come up with an incredible innovation in the world of sublimation printing. The HP company, known for convert Hp printer to sublimation printer powerhouses, has now launched the phenomenal HP Stitch series – the all-in-one sublimation printing solution. Specifically designed to produce large-format designs, the HP Stitch series printers definitely deserve a spot in your sublimation printing setup.

Looking to print wide sublimation paper rolls or go for direct-to-fabric sublimation? HP Stitch series does both and with HP Stitch 500, you can print images up to 1.62m wide. But let me be real, they’re expensive! We’re talking about a starting price of $15,000 here. Unless you’re an industrial-level business owner, it’s probably too pricey for you.

For beginners, I recommend starting with a more affordable sublimation printer to avoid breaking the bank. Check out Epson Ecotank sublimation printers. You’ll need to convert them into sublimation, but they’re great for getting started. And if you’re looking for a cheap sublimation printer, you can’t go wrong with one of those either.

Possible Way To Convert HP Printer To A Sublimation Printer

As we mentioned earlier, turning your HP printer into a sublimation printer isn’t possible…or is it? With enough resources, it might be! To get you excited, here’s a guide on how to convert an HP printer into a sublimation powerhouse.

Supplies You’ll Need

  • An HP inkjet printer
  • Sublimation ink compatible with HP printers
  • Piezo Printhead
  • Refillable ink cartridges

First, verify if your HP printer can print on coated paper- especially sublimation paper which is polymer-coated. This simple precaution could be key to unlocking a whole new world of printed content for you.

Step 1: Replacing The Printhead

HP printers use thermal inkjet printheads that cannot pressurize sublimation ink. So, if you want to print crystal-clear images, you’ll need to swap out the stock printhead with a piezo version that can pressurize ink crystals and make those images pop.

Step 2: Replacing The Ink Cartridges

Start by removing the cartridges that come with the printer and switch to refillable ones. A quick tip: if your printer comes with built-in printheads with ink cartridges, ensure that the printhead isn’t attached to the cartridges. By following these simple steps, you can begin enjoying a more cost-effective and eco-friendly printing experience in no time.

Step 3: Fill The Sublimation Ink

Put on a pair of gloves and get your brand-new syringes ready. You’ll fill those syringes up with sublimation ink one by one. Once that’s done, it’s time to slide them right into the ink cartridges. You’re almost there! Turn on that printer, get the setting configured for coated sublimation paper, and start printing away. 


We’ve gone in-depth on convert Hp printer to sublimation printer, and while it seems like a dead end, we’ve got the inside scoop on how it’s still possible! And let’s not forget about the awesome HP Stitch series – your go-to for dye sublimation printing.

If you’re looking into sublimation, you simply can’t go wrong with Epson and Sawgrass. They’ve got the unbeatable piezo printheads you need for next-level printing. On top of that, their sublimation inks, combined with ICC color profiles, will make your creations come to life. It’s all about the details, and these guys know how to deliver the best.


Q. Can an HP printer be used for sublimation?

No, HP home or office printers cannot be converted to sublimation. That’s because they use thermal printheads.

Q. Can any printer be converted into a sublimation printer?

You can transform ordinary inkjet printers into sublimation printers by replacing their ink with dye-sublimation ink. It’s true. Among the most popular inkjet printers that can be used for sublimation printing, you’ll find the Epson Ecotank ET-2803, ET-2760, ET-4760, and ET-15000.

Q. Do all printers do sublimation?

Discovering the perfect printer for sublimation can be tricky. Not all printers can work for sublimation and finding the right one is critical. You need a special sublimation printer or a converted inkjet printer, coupled with special ink and sublimation transfer paper. Regular inkjet printing ink or paper won’t cut it, so choose wisely.

Q. Which printers can sublimate?

Discover the printers ideal for home and small business sublimation. These include the Epson F170, Epson F570, Sawgrass SG500, and Sawgrass SG1000. While the Epson WorkForce and EcoTanks are also popular options, it’s important to note that using these printers for sublimation purposes will result in a voided warranty.

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