Can HP Printers Print on Card Stock | Tips for Printing

Printing on card stock requires an understanding of printing processes and the quality of the paper. Card stock comes in different types and thicknesses, and you need to know how to feed it into your printer to produce an excellent print. Many people have trouble printing on card stock and end up having to resort to print shops or hiring professional printers to get the job done.

So the question is that can HP printer print on Card Stock , the answer is yes, but not all HP printers are created equal when it comes to handling card stock. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at what card stock is, what HP printers can print on it, and some tips to make your card stock printing experience more successful. If you own an HP printer, you’re in luck because, in this article, we’ll explain how HP printers print on card stock and guide you through the process.

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Tips for Successful Card Stock Printing with HP Printers

Here are some tips that will help for Successful Card Stock Printing with HP Printers

Choose the Right Card Stock

The first step in printing on card stock is to choose the right type of card stock for your project. You need to select card stock that is compatible with your printer. HP printers work well with most types of card stock, but it’s crucial to get the right thickness. HP printers can print on card stock with a thickness between 110 lb. and 300 lb. Look for cardstock with a weight of at least 110 lb., which is the minimum weight paper that HP printers recommend for printing.

Adjust the Paper Settings

Once you have the card stock, you need to adjust the paper settings on your HP printer. Go to the printer’s control panel and select the paper type as Card Stock. Then, set the paper size accordingly. If your printer has manual feed options, select them to prevent the paper from jamming in the printer. If you’re printing a double-sided document, select the duplex printing option for the printer to print on both sides.

Use the Right Printer Tray

It’s essential to use the right printer tray when printing on card stock. Some HP printers have multiple trays, and the paper feed path varies for each one. Make sure you load the card stock in the tray that’s designated for thicker paper. The tray will be labeled according to the paper type or thickness. If your printer doesn’t have a tray designed for thick paper, use the manual feed tray instead.

Test Print

Before printing on the card stock, it’s essential to print a test page on regular printer paper. This test page will help you adjust the color, print resolution, and alignment. Once you have it right, load the card stock into the printer, and print your project. Make sure the printer is set to the highest print resolution to ensure that the print is of excellent quality.


If your HP printer is not printing correctly on card stock, there are some troubleshooting tips you can try. First, make sure the card stock is placed correctly in the printer tray. Check the printer’s manual for instructions on how to load the paper and make sure the printer settings are correct. If the printer is still not printing correctly, try adjusting the paper thickness or weight settings.


In conclusion, printing on card stock requires a bit of knowledge and attention to detail. By selecting the right type of card stock, adjusting the printer settings, and using the correct printer tray, you can produce excellent prints on card stock with an HP printer. Follow these steps, and you’ll be able to print high-quality invitations, business cards, and other print products without having to rely on a print shop or a professional printer.

FAQs Related To Can HP Printer Print On Card Stock

Here are some FAQs related to can HP printer print on card stock.

What is card stock paper?

Cardstock paper is a thicker and sturdier paper than standard office paper. It has a weight of between 45lbs to 100lbs, making it ideal for printing business cards, invitations, posters, and other card-based documents.

Is an HP printer capable of printing card stock paper?

Yes, HP printers are capable of printing on cardstock paper. However, certain models and types of printers work better than others. HP LaserJet series printers are the best option for printing on cardstock paper because of their straight paper path design, which reduces jamming during printing.

What is the maximum thickness of card stock paper that an HP printer can handle?

HP printers can handle cardstock paper with a maximum thickness of 110 lbs. If you try to print on thicker cardstock paper than this, it may cause a paper jam, or the printer may not print at all. Therefore, ensure that you check the paper thickness before printing.

How to print on card stock paper using an HP printer?

Here are the steps to print on cardstock paper using an HP printer:

  • Adjust the paper tray guides to fit the cardstock paper
  • Open the document you want to print and click on the print button.
  • Select your HP printer from the list of printer options.
  • Click on “Properties” or “Printing Preferences,”
  • Set the paper type to cardstock.
  • Adjust the paper size to match your cardstock paper dimensions.
  • Click on the “Print” button.

Can I print photos on card stock paper using an HP printer?

Yes, you can print photos on card stock paper using your HP printer. Card stock paper is suitable for printing high-quality images, but ensure that the paper thickness is not more than 110 lbs to avoid jamming.

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